September 19, 2021

Rotten body of a young man missing from the basement The homeowner says he had no idea.

The decomposed body of a teenage girl who has been missing for three years has been found wrapped in plastic in the basement of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Police are investigating the death of Margareta “Maggie” Sandwall, who was just 19 years old when her family first reported her missing in 2018. Local News 9.

In May, police found a tip to search for a body near the University of Oklahoma in Norman City. News on 6 Citing a police report. In the basement, police found a large black box, and placed a body inside it “wrapped in several layers of thick plastic, possibly 20-30 layers.”

According to the search warrant, Norman police detective Sean Judy said officers noticed a liquid leak from a box, which was followed by “insect bites” and a “rotting stench.”

Investigators confirmed the victim was a sandwich, but an Oklahoma medical examiner has not yet determined the cause of death.

The owner of the house where the remains were found told police he did not know anything about the body. But he allowed authorities to search his home and is cooperating with the investigation, according to police.

Homeowner Miguel Manoz told detectives he entered the home in 2019, Oklahoman said, citing a search warrant affidavit.

He allegedly allowed a friend, 34-year-old Octavio Sanchez, to store some items in the basement, but did not see him since May last year when the friend “tried to enter the house uninvited.” Manoj said he had to call the police to release Sanchez.

Sanchez is a relative of the deceased who lived at the address where Sandwall was receiving social security payments. He was receiving a monthly stipend because he had a mental disability.

Sandowall’s sister said some family members wanted to be her legal guardian in order to receive the payment. “She was walking around,” Heron said. “I was convinced that as soon as Maggie turned 18, no one saw her but as a sign of a big dollar.”

Investigators say Sandoval was last alive and lived in an apartment with Sanchez and his wife. Sandwall once called him his brother in a 2018 police report alleging that he and his wife abused him, investigators allegedly wrote in an affidavit.

In May, investigators issued a search warrant at Sanchez’s home and found documents showing that he and his wife were receiving Social Security benefits for Sandwall, the report said. Sanchez was also charged with unrelated weapons when police found a handgun inside a garbage can in the garage.

Sanchez has not been charged with Sandwall’s death, and his exact identity with the victim is not yet clear. Sarah Jensen, a spokeswoman for the Norman Police Department, said her death was being investigated.

“Due to the current status of the case, information is limited at this time,” Jensen said. “Detectives are actively completing a full and detailed investigation. Once completed, we will present the case to the District Attorney’s Office, which will review the case and file appropriate charges.”

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Photo: AFP / Johannes Eisel

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