October 20, 2021

Romeo Beckham made his debut as David’s son plays right-hander for Fort Lauderdale in a draw with South Georgia Tormenta FC.

Romeo Beckham flogged some crosses like his old man – but it was a quiet first start.

Beckham, working on the right wing, as he knows, played 79 minutes for Inter Miami’s reserve team Fort Lauderdale CF in the first game of his career on Sunday.

Romeo, son of David Beckham, started playing football last night.


Romeo, son of David Beckham, started playing football last night.Credit: Instagram me romeobeckham
The 19-year-old played for Fort Lauderdale CF in a draw with the South Georgia Tournament.


The 19-year-old played for Fort Lauderdale CF in a draw with the South Georgia Tournament.Credit: Getty

But the 19-year-old was unable to lead his side to victory as they were in a 2-2 home draw with South Georgia Tournament FC.

He had 19 touchdowns in the USL League One affair at the DRVPN stadium, many of which went out of their position on the wing, yet, overall, he lacked the accuracy for which he K’s father was famous.

Romeo showed some brilliance of quality with his best attacking moments in the second half as he advanced to the match.

A sequel in the 57th minute saw Romeo Phil Newell’s son go into the more central area before making a good two with Harvey, who went right into space on a well-weighted return ball and made a dangerous cross. Hit by a fellow who was wide

In the 75th minute, Romeo hit a rare but good giving and going pass with his left foot, which the English youngster crossed a subpar which was returned by Tormenta FC before hitting another defective ball.

A better moment came on the defensive side in the second before he took the home side 2-1.

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A Tourmanta cross collided with the previous post, but Beckham tracked well and did enough to stop the oncoming effort.

Central midfielder Newell, who left Manchester United earlier this year to follow in his father’s footsteps and walk the distance, has rarely been linked with Beckham to shine in the legendary Old Trafford combo that Alex Ferguson has. Helped rule the Premier League.

Beckham was dragged back mostly to help the defense, while trying to adjust the pace of the game to the style and professionalism of his teammates.

His lack of understanding with the Fort Lauderdale CF players was evident in the opening minutes, as the team rarely attacked on the right.

The game ended in a draw when Fort Lauderdale CF failed to take a two-goal lead, with the second equalizer coming out after Beckham was knocked out.

Newell, meanwhile, whistled in the middle of the park and received a yellow card.

Fellow Englishman and former Sunderland striker Mitch Curry scored the opener in the 13th minute, hitting the ball to the left of the penalty area before cutting his right foot and delivering a mid-range shot to the far post.

Inter Miami boss Newell likes Curry’s form and is hopeful that Harvey can step into the MLS next year.

Beckham will also have more opportunities to shine, but one thing is clear: his mere presence in the third tier of American football will help tarnish the game’s profile.

The match was shown on ESPN + and commentators were more than happy to track its progress for viewers, which can be said for Inter Miami, which Beck’s second eldest son met Miami’s sister earlier this month. Failed to sign up for

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