October 27, 2021

Rob’s signals can be used to drive ex-prisoners trucks.

UK fuel crisis: Rob's signals can be deployed to drive ex-prisoners trucks.
UK fuel crisis: Rob’s signals can be deployed to drive ex-prisoners trucks.

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab has raised the possibility of using lower-level criminals who have been given community punishments to address the shortage of HGV drivers to create fuel shortages across the UK. Surgery UK Can confirm

The UK is in the grip of a severe fuel crisis that has caused widespread panic over long queues, fights at petrol station forecourts while essential workers are unable to go to work.

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“We are forcing prisoners and criminals to work voluntarily and for free,” Robb said Thursday.

“Why not? If there is a shortage, they are encouraged to work for wages where it is good for the economy, good for society.

“If you give people speed in the game, give them something to lose. If you give them some hope, they are less likely to get angry again.”

Raab’s suggestion follows comments from Treasury Secretary-General Simon Clark that the fuel crisis is easing.

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“This crisis is now something that is under control,” Clark told Sky.

UK Business Secretary Kosy Quarting said yesterday that the government’s reserve tanker fleet would be deployed soon to address the shortage of fuel at the fork courts. “Signs of improvement” are now being seen, Quarting said.

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