October 17, 2021

Richard Medley has revealed that he has been linked by ITV to rumors that I am going to a celebrity.

Richard Medley has admitted that ITV has judged him as a celebrity because of these rumors.

Hosting Good Morning UK today, Richard was asked by his co-host, Susanna Reid, about her future in the jungle.

Richard Medley on today's show.


Richard Medley on today’s show.

“Welcome back to the program,” he said.

Richard replied: “Yes, I had a short break of two weeks.

“I’m with you for a solid month now, so I’m sorry.”

Susanna asked: “Are you doing anything in a month?”

She was quoting The Sun’s story last week, which revealed that Richard has signed up for this year’s IMA Celebrity.

“I ask this every year,” Richard said on the show this morning.

“I checked with ITV what they wanted to say about it because I’m going in or I can’t go in.

“There are a lot of names leaked at the moment,” he said.

“ITV likes people not to confirm or deny it because I could be a rabbit running or I could just be a distraction.

“I’m afraid that’s all I can say.”

The famous host, 65, is said to have agreed to an estimated 200,000 deal.

Richard, who is married to fellow TV host Judy Fenigan, 73, has been called a “huge fan” of the ITV show.

A source said that the producers have long targeted the Good Morning Britain star, and now he has agreed to donate the famous red pants.

They will join fellow stars as the show spends its second year at Gorich Castle, near Abergel in North Wales – the coveted Oz forest with complications.

The source said: “Richard has been asked year after year but the timing has never been right. But now, finally, he has said ‘yes’.

“He’s a favorite with ITV executives. He’s brilliant and on screen, so it was as good a time as being careful in the air and eating animal pieces.

“He’s a great rebel and a fan favorite on a nail. Once you finish him, he’s gone – he’ll make gold for the castle.”

Richard, pictured with his daughter Chloe, has signed up for this year's IMA Celebrity.


Richard, pictured with his daughter Chloe, has signed up for this year’s IMA Celebrity.

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