October 25, 2021

Rice Stephenson received the first 10 for Movie Week, Spider-Man, James and Co-Dance.

Dance hard. John White and Rice Stephenson woke up the judges with 10 seconds in Movie Week..

Rice Stephenson scored her first 10 as Spider-Man, while John, Strickley’s first gay couple, scored 3 10 for his Pirates of the Caribbean dance with Johannes.

Judy Liu opened the show in a powerful way – and Sean Paul voiced after his epic twist on his track last week.

Meanwhile, Tom Fletcher returned to the show last week to perform with the Cowboys after the holidays.

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  • Decisions of decisions.

    Fans just can’t decide who their favorite night is.

  • Best saved until the last minute.

    The audience was obsessed with John and Johannes.

    One tweeted: “Wow wow wow wow …… Johannes and John were the best of the night. I could see him again and again.”

  • Johannes and John.

    That’s all.

    3 10s

    Okay, let’s give them a shiny ball right now.

  • Waiting

    Johannes and John have just arrived.

    They will definitely compete with Rice until the decade.

  • 10 Collections.

    Rhys got his first 10

  • بونسی

    Great. How high can Rice jump?

    Strictly speaking. Making basketball heroes, no?

  • Superhero

    Fans are getting ready for Rice as Spiderman, and do you see how excited he is?

    How lovely her family is too !!


    Have you seen Amy Thompson raise Katie to photograph Crowella?

    Katie will be her fan all her life!

    What does Craig tell Gorky about teasing squares?


  • Be kind

    Katie is taking a stop after being in the bottom two last week.

    Watch him go!

  • Butt Blue about it.

    It seems that the audience did not love Katia and Adam’s Avatar dance.

  • That was MC Fly.

    The fans have spoken – and they can’t be enough for Tom.

  • Cole for Kate.

    Of course some 10s for the costumes of Adam and Shadow avatars.

    I mean…

  • Tom’s return

    Literally reviving the dream with the future.

    So mcFly with your jump and air guitar.

    why not!



    Did you see Yugo glancing at Craig after admiring his hair?

    Hopefully this will increase his points. Ha!

  • These clothes

    That wig?

    Ogo and Oti.


  • Icon

    Rose owns the moment, on the leaderboard.

    Do you see how excited she looks?

  • Anton joked.

    He is really joining his role as a judge.

    Lol-ing on Ann Widdecomb comment.

  • Get up on the spot.

    Do you see everyone crying on the daily track?

    She was terrible.

  • Rose from AHH Titanic.

    Now we geddit.

    He will kill her!

  • ‘heavy’

    Hmmm. Don’t think that the audience thinks that the word is the best choice to describe Tilly’s tricks.

    Taxi to Craig!

  • Hell is not a problem for Gordon.

    Will Craig end up in Hell’s Kitchen after Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Tully is trashed?


  • Tally on top.

    Look at that!


    Love Emma Thompson a little.

    I mean, who doesn’t.

  • Bond at its best

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