September 22, 2021

Residents of lofty Glasgow are forced to walk 15 floors

Enthusiastic residents living in an upstairs block of flats have been billed 1000 1,000 to replace elevators they claimed were never fit for purpose.

Over the past 14 years, landlords on the Meadow Side Cove Walk in the party have been forced to climb stairs “on several occasions” due to the “continuous breakdown” of escalators.

Now, angry residents are expected to pay a Rs.

Glasgow Times:

Simon Gorman – who has lived in the Dandara complex for seven years – said: “The lifts were built in 2007 and were never fit for purpose.

“I have met the engineers who have been called in to fix them and on several occasions they have told me that they were not made for the work that is expected of them.

“They are for small buildings while our basement is 18 storeys high.

“Since 2007, there have been countless breakdowns, resulting in, in some cases, people having to climb 15 stories because the elevator is completely out of order.”

Carol Ann Tomlinson – who has lived in the block for a decade – found herself trapped inside an elevator.

Glasgow Times:

He said: “For the last 10 years, since we went in, there have been problems with the elevator. We are on the 15th floor and on several occasions we have had to walk down the stairs because it is out of order.

“Sometimes, we get stuck in the elevator when it breaks down and we have to press the emergency button.

“Once, my husband actually had to jump out when the elevator was halfway through the door frame with the dog. It was terrible for him.

“My biggest concern is that they never worked properly – we’ve all been told they’re not fit for the building and they’re not big enough.”

Homeowners are concerned about disabled and elderly residents who rely on elevators to get in and out of the building.

Simon said: “It’s fine and healthy for someone like me, but there are elderly people with disabilities in this complex.

“Some of them may have come to live here because there are elevators, which means they should be able to go down the stairs without any hassle. It’s been a long time coming.

“Dandara has a lot to answer for. I moved about seven years ago and the problem continues – since I’ve been here, the lifts are mostly out of order.

“There are children and families in our block who need to be used with prams and shopping.”

Glasgow Times:

Carroll added: “We have disabled residents in the complex who pay for the elevator but cannot access it 24/7. How do they get out when the elevators are closed?

“It’s been a long time coming and we’re angry, we just want an efficient lift – that’s what we paid for.”

Although residents have been given the option to pay which will allow them to pay the factor fee in installments – along with interest rates – they believe the bill should be paid to Dandara, who built the complex.

“It made me feel very disappointed,” Simon said.

“I believe Dandara should step back for this bill because they were the ones who installed these dodgy lifts in the first place.

“I’m fed up with the fact that people are constantly chasing people for money, and it’s not the fault of any of the homeowners that the lifts aren’t working for their purpose.

“There will be pensioners who are just going to pay the bill because they don’t understand what it is or they think it’s their responsibility, I just think it’s bullying to get money out of people.

“It’s a shameful development. If you are disabled, old or thinking of living upstairs, you will not be guaranteed to run elevators out of this crowd.”

Newton Property Management, which manages the factor fees for the complex, says the lifts were damaged by “14 years of heavy use”.

Glasgow Times:

Derek McDonald, Joint Managing Director, said: “As part of the Meadow Side Cove Walk, we have been assigned building maintenance work by all property owners, including two elevators that have been in operation for many years. Have been much more stable than and with some other distant disturbance.

“However, in the last few months, they have become much more random. As a result, we submitted a report from an independent elevator expert who recommended that the controllers be worn and torn due to 14 years of heavy use.” To be changed.

“We have put the work out to tender and accepted a quote from a company that is ready to spread the لا 1,000 cost to each of the property owners over the next two years.

“We believe that the work we have begun is the fastest way for all property owners in the block to return lifts to full working order.”

The Glasgow Times contacted Dandara for comment.

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