September 28, 2021

Researchers found a sunken nuclear reactor of a K-19 submarine at the bottom of the Black Sea.

04/28/2001 01:41.

A container with a K-19 submarine nuclear reactor was found off the coast of Russia in the Gulf of Abrasimov in the Kara Sea RIA Novosti. Reports

According to Linetsafe, the container was found by Emercomm Division Centrospace and lead experts with the help of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Oceanology during a mission to search for sunken radioactive material.

“The academic Mistislav Kaldish scientific ship arrived at the seat point and anchored at the entrance to the Gulf of Ambrosyev near the island of Novaya Zemlya … discovered as a result of a container sonar survey,” said Lainitsev.

Experts will perform a visual inspection and perform a spectral analysis of the object found. They will also collect plant material from it for analysis.

After the nuclear tests on Nova Zemelia, many things were buried in the bays of the Black Sea. According to EMERCOM, 1,200 hazardous radioactive objects, including submarine parts and nuclear icebreaker Lenin, could rest under the Novaya Zemelia depression. In total, Russia’s inland waters and territorial seas contain more than 24,000 items in the register of potentially dangerous underwater objects.

The K-19 submarine, known as Hiroshima in the Navy, was launched in 1959 and became the first USSR nuclear missile carrier. Several fatal accidents occurred during submarine service. One of them was a nuclear reactor failure in 1961. The nuclear submarine was shut down in 1990.

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