October 22, 2021

Reno budget sets tax rates for public hearings. News

Renault – There seems to be clear shipping for Renault’s balanced budget as council members made no changes to the city’s spending plan at Monday night’s meeting at City Hall for fiscal year 2021-22. ۔

The city also held a public hearing on the budget, but no one spoke on the issue.

A public hearing will be held on September 20 to assess the proposed tax rate of 49 cents per ڈالر 100.

Then, at this meeting, the council will vote on approving the new budget and tax rates.

The council voted to pay off two debts, one in September and the other in October. The city approved 10 105,073 to pay off the water meter loan by Sept. 30 and then spent another 63 63,270 to retire its Series 2002 bond by Oct. 30. Okay fine.

City employees will get another holiday on the holiday list, after which the council voted to make Jonith a public holiday.

Council member Brendan Thomas said: “I think this should be Reno’s holiday. Council members Joey McCarthy and Amanda Wolves were not in the meeting.

Police Chief Jeremy Macy spoke about the effectiveness of the Falk Safety Camera and Alert System before the council voted to pay ڈالر 12,000 for a lease agreement with the firm.

“We’ve solved a lot of things with these cameras,” Macy said.

Mayor Bart Jaitley and Councilman Stacey Nichols nodded in agreement.

“It’s really amazing,” Jaitley said.

“It’s a clean system,” Nichols said.

In other business, the council appointed Lisa Mess and Sarah III to the Park and Trails Committee after the two-member group resigned. The council also approved the committee’s request that the group now meet on the third Monday of each month at 6 p.m.


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