October 18, 2021

Renfrewshire police could be given a quad bike to chase Yabs.

Police near Glasgow could soon be given quadbikes so they can chase Yabs using illegal off-road vehicles illegally.

Renfrewshire. Council Two quad bikes are currently in the process of being purchased, which will be used by police throughout the area to deal with motorcyclists on public land.

It is hoped that the vehicles will make it easier for police to catch drivers who often run away when they see officers on the scene.

Laura Hamel, an inspector with Paisley’s community policing team, said: “We take the concerns within our community seriously and we are working in partnership with the Renfrewshire Council on this project to ensure that off-road vehicles are used in our communities. Problems with the perpetrators could be resolved. ”

Councilor John Shaw, who represents Renfrew North, said there have been several incidents of people using off-road vehicles in the city’s Kirklandnock Park.

And he was pleased to hear that the council and the police are working together to tackle anti-social behavior in the community.

He said: “I’m glad to hear about the positive partnership between the council and the police. Scotland Helping to deal with unauthorized use of government land by motorbike and quadbike.

“It’s often been reported in Kirklandnock Park, but also in other parks in Renfrewshire.

Glasgow Times: Councilor John Shaw, Center. Councilor John Shaw, Center.

“My colleagues Lisa Marie Hughes, Marie McGork and Will Milet and I have been pushing for something to do with it.

“It’s good to hear that the council is now working with the police in Scotland to provide quad bikes locally, which will help solve the problem of missing motorcycles and provide advice to officers. Or allow action where appropriate.

“We hope to see bikes in action in the near future.”

A Council spokesman said: “Through the Community Safety Partnership, the Council and Police Scotland’s partners are making progress on plans to address the anti-social use of quadbikes and off-road vehicles and social behavior in Renfrewshire. ۔ ”

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