September 20, 2021

Real Madrid’s ugly son Gareth Bale returns to score.

Real Madrid fans had a sense of humor when writer’s son Gareth Bale returned to the pitch and scored the club’s first goal of the evening against Leonte on Sunday. It took Welshman just five minutes to remind spectators of his glorious days with the Spanish giants.

Bell’s left-footed strike gave Real Madrid an early lead but Leonte struggled to keep it to a 3-3 draw in the end.

However, Bell’s goal was the Town of the Town because of the fact that it was his first goal for Real Madrid in 578 days. This is a long drought for a player who has won four Champions League titles with Los Blancos.

It is safe to say that the Bulls have been slowing down most of the last three seasons after spending time on the bench or on loan. His last goal for the club was in the Copa del Rey match against Real Madrid on 22 January 2020. That same season, he scored just three times for Real Madrid, the lowest number since joining the club.