September 18, 2021

Real Madrid returned to a better environment than the club

Real Madrid’s ugly son Gareth Bale has confirmed that he feels happier and more comfortable at the Spanish club this season. He returned to play the final year of his contract with Los Blancos after a one-year loan spell with Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur.

Bell also returned to Real Madrid after representing Wales at the European Championships this summer. He said his positive experience with the national team also helped him regain his sanity to rejoin the Spanish giants.

“I think he showed up to come back with Wales in the Euros. I brought him to Real Madrid this season, where there is a better atmosphere for me,” he said. Brand

“Every player will tell you that if they are in a more pleasant place mentally, they will feel better physically and perform better. I am playing and a little more happy and playing for Real Madrid. Be a little more comfortable with the style. ” He added that he was happy to play again under returning manager Carlo Ancelotti.

Despite his relationship with the coach, he made it clear that his previous problems with the club were not the fault of former managers. “It’s always the same: you have to perform to join the team. I had a good pre-season and a good start to the season. In football you just have to play well and the impression changes very quickly. ۔ ” Said.

Bell suffered a setback after a successful period in which he helped the club win four UEFA Champions League trophies. After becoming the man of the match in the 2018 final, he spent most of the following two seasons on the bench. He was then sent to England for a year before returning this summer.

He clarified that none of the previous reports were accurate, and that he was not thinking about retiring after the euro. For now, he is happy to be back and Real Madrid fans are eager to see how he can play his part this season.

Gareth Bale
Real Madrid’s Welsh forward Gareth Bale AFP / Pierre-Philippe Marco

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