September 18, 2021

Real Madrid, Manchester United discussed the details of the defender’s transfer

After making it clear that he does not intend to renew his contract with Real Madrid, Rafael Varane is set to join Premier League side Manchester United soon. Recent reports have revealed that the two clubs are in the midst of a discussion about a move closer to the defender.

Earlier, it was revealed that the World Cup-winning player had already agreed personal terms with the Red Devils. However, the deal cannot be finalized until Real Madrid and Manchester United agree transfer fees and other terms of the move. Manchester’s initial offers were rejected by the Spanish giants, but it is believed they are now close to a deal.

the aim It is reported that Verne is going to Old Trafford this summer and both sides are working hard to understand this issue. Earlier offers from the Premier League did not meet the player’s assessment of La Liga organization, but it is now thought to be around m 45m (£ 39 / $ 53m) and m 55m (£). I have reached an agreement. 47m / $ 65m).

United are on a mission to challenge city rivals Manchester City for the title next season, and Varan is an important part of their plans. The club had already signed Judon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund earlier this summer, and Varanasi is the next piece of the puzzle.

After refusing to sign a new contract with French Real Madrid, the club has no money to replace him instead of losing him on a free transfer this summer. The Los Blancos captain and fellow defender Sergio Ramos did not want to leave Varanasi after his departure, but David Alaba’s arrival from Bayern Munich softened the blow.

It was initially thought that Varanasi was eyeing a move to Paris Saint-Germain, but the French giants decided to sign Ramos soon after learning that he was not extending his original Madrid contract.

This gave Manchester United the opportunity to enter the picture and move the defender. He has reportedly offered a long five-year deal, in which the Frenchman could see himself established as a club legend if his tenure were to continue.

Varanasi attended Real Madrid’s pre-season training, but was absent from his friendly against the Rangers in Glasgow on Monday.

Rafael Verne
French defender Rafael Verne
Oscar del Pozzo / AFP

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