September 25, 2021

Real Madrid have submitted a final offer of 170 170 million for Mbappe, negotiations are underway.

The story of Killian Mbabane’s transfer has only four days left in the summer transfer window. On Thursday, it was confirmed that Real Madrid CF has submitted a final bid of 170 million euros for the player, now the ball has been firmly left on the court of Paris Saint-Germain.

Earlier this week, Los Blancos made an initial offer of 160 million euros, which was immediately rejected by PSG’s supporting director Leonardo. He said the offer was much less than his player’s 20 220 million, and even said that Real Madrid was being insulted the way transfer talks were being handled.

Leonardo also said that PSG still had a responsibility to pay 180 million euros to former Mbabane club AS Monaco when they acquired the player in 2017. In addition to another 10 million increase in an attempt to satisfy the Ligue 1 organization.

“Real Madrid’s official bid for Killian Mbabane is still on the table. 170 million pounds 10 million and it will be final. Negotiations between PSG and Real will take place today,” said Italian journalist Fabregio Romano. Twitter

He added: “Real Madrid knows that Mbabane is pushing. He just wants Real Madrid. Patience.”

Numerous other publications in Spain and France have confirmed that the offer is valid, and what is left now is to wait for the news from the Parc des Princes. Leonardo proved during his press conference on Wednesday that PSG will not make less than 220 million euros, but the fact is that this is a good offer and if he does not approve the deal, he will be a player next summer. Can be lost for free. now.

Leonardo had said that Mbabane had promised that he would not leave PSG free, but after refusing to extend the contract, he would basically leave PSG in addition to selling it or losing it for free in the next five days. Will leave no choice but to Only a few months. Until January, Real Madrid could sign a free deal with the Frenchman, which could save them millions of euros.

PSG has a big decision, and the best thing for fans is to do it very quickly.

Killian Mbapi
Killian Mbabane moved from AS Monaco to PSG in 2017.

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