September 21, 2021

Real Madrid fears that the forward deal is in jeopardy and the pressure is expected to increase.

Real Madrid made every effort to sign Killian Mbabane during the recently concluded summer transfer window, but Paris Saint-Germain thwarted or ignored all their efforts. The French forward also wanted to go to Santiago Bernabeu, but now he will have to wait until January to pursue his dreams.

Los Blancos is confident that PSG will remain steadfast in its mission to persuade Mbabane to sign a new agreement. The La Liga giants are hoping to resist the lure of PSG’s offers, and could sign a pre-contract deal with Real next January, when they have just six months left on their current contract. Will

The giants of Madrid intensified their pursuit of Mbappe. With an opening offer of 160 160 million (£ 128 million) in the last week of the transfer window, which was quickly rejected by the League 1 club. Real was not prevented from rejecting the PSG and an additional bid of 170 10 million in addition to another 170 170 million was made, which was also rejected.

Finally, on the day of the transfer deadline, he reportedly went with an offer of 200 200 million (17 8,178 million), which was simply ignored by the Paris club, much to the surprise of the La Liga organization and Mbabane. He now hopes to return in January to take another step in signing the agreement in advance.

According to the brand.Real fears PSG will try different ways to pressure Embape to sign a new contract before January 2022, when it will be free to sign contracts with clubs outside France. France International has so far turned down several offers, but PSG is expected to renew its efforts in the coming months.

In addition, Real are confident that in the coming months, other MBPP PSG players will be urging him to stay at Park des Princes beyond this season. Meanwhile, fans have expressed their displeasure over Mbabane’s open presentation of Real, but a change of mood is expected if he continues to score frequently.

on Wednesday, A report by the French publication Le Parisien Revealed that PSG had offered Mbappe 45 45 million per season, which the player turned down. The club are ready to make him the highest paid player in the club, even more so than Neymar and Lionel Messi in the summer.

Killian Mbapi
Killian Mbabane and Neymar take on Paris Saint-Germain in a training session against Atlanta in their Champions League quarter-final in Lisbon on Tuesday.
David Ramos / Pool

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