September 18, 2021

Real Madrid, Barcelona captain hugging PSG as a teammate: Strange scenes in Paris.

Football fans are still confused to see Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos wearing the same shirt. After playing for a long time on both sides of football’s biggest feud, the former FC Barcelona and Real Madrid captains are now teammates.

On Thursday, Paris Saint-Germain shared a video of Messi’s first training session with his new teammates. He entered the club’s facilities, where he greeted the PSG players one by one in the gym and locker rooms.

A warm welcome was expected from longtime friend Neymar Jr., as well as from compatriots such as Angel Di Maria and Leandro Peredis. Argentine manager Mauricio Pochettino was smiling, but everyone was anxious to see the first conversation between Ramos and Messi.

The couple was seen hugging before having a brief chat at the gym. PSG fans are happy, but everyone else is still unsure.

With both Macy’s and Ramos available in the same transfer window, it’s been a remarkable summer for the French giants. Plus, they were available for free. After both legendary captains failed to extend their contracts with Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​all PSGs needed to make appropriate offers.