September 28, 2021

Real Madrid are gearing up for a massive summer transfer target.

There is one last bomb in the Summer Transfer window waiting to explode. Real Madrid CF and Paris Saint-Germain are currently in talks to transfer Kylian Mbappe, and he said the Spanish giants were getting ready for a lavish reception.

PSG’s position was that they did not want to sell Embape, but the player has refused to sign an extension of the contract. Real Madrid made a late offer, which was rejected by Ligue 1, but it is now thought that the latest offer of a possible bonus of 10 million euros in addition to 170 million euros is being considered by top officials at PSG. The fact is that they have no choice but to accept the deal or lose Mbappe on a free transfer next year.

Because of these circumstances, it is widely believed that PSG and Real Madrid will soon reach an agreement and that Mbabane will eventually fulfill his childhood dream of wearing the famous girl’s shirt.

There are only three days left before the transfer window closes, but a lot can happen at this time. According to Brand, Mbappe will likely be announced over the weekend, and will be offered after the next international break.