September 22, 2021

Real Madrid are excited about the winger’s resurrection at the farm.

Real Madrid fans are more than ever excited about the apparent recovery of their son Gareth Bale. The Wales national team captain scored a hat-trick in Sunday’s 3-2 victory over Belarus in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

Bale was impressive all evening, and his strong performance was something that everyone at the Real Madrid camp noticed. The performance is a reflection of Welshman’s illustrious days with Real Madrid, which saw him win four UEFA Champions League titles with the club. He strengthened his position in the club’s history by scoring in two of those finals.

However, after suffering from a slump since 2018, he was sent to Tottenham Hotspur in 2020 for a season-long loan. It was a big surprise to many when it was calmed down that Bell wanted to return for the final year of his contract.