September 28, 2021

Readers have their say on the £ 20 Universal Credit Cut.

Readers shared their thoughts online about our story: Glasgow families will suffer the most from a 20 20 cut in universal credit. Here is a selection of comments …

It’s not a deduction like that – it’s what it was back then.

If UC is high enough / staying low is another matter. But the furlough also disappears, and there seem to be businesses and farms struggling for workers.

So maybe it’s time to re-employ some people in these jobs.


Universal Credit is a joke. It’s not enough to survive because it’s without taking back their £ 20. We still have the bills they pay you.

Moe McLaren.

The fuss about families getting an extra £ 20 a week is ridiculous.

Universal Credit is for those who work.

For decision makers, will you get your children and families in trouble?

Does it really affect your daily life? It’s not like these are people who are living a life of luxury – get a grip.

Carrie Macrol.

It was temporary! Today there are one million jobs. People can enroll their children in school and do a few hours a day. Stop looking for something pointless.

Stuart Burney.

It has always been said that this is a temporary increase.

What did people do before they gave it? Prevent it before you give it and get used to your money.

There is an even greater burden on people’s taxes to pay for it.

Let’s stop this ‘out for out’ society.

Malcolm Bell

This is not a cut, it was given extra due to a virus which is now being stopped.

Derek Taylor.

Look, you all blame your fellow glass vignettes as if they are villains for profit.

Instead of landlords, landlords and politicians who tear us apart every day.

Playing for them.


James Fitzpatrick.

I understand why it was only a temporary epidemic but what people are forgetting is that all the supermarkets have increased their prices since the beginning of UC.

Gary Donachi.

Many workers do not get a penny of welfare, every penny earns everything, and we are not all millionaires.

James Davidson

IT was given the same time as Furlow, so it will have to end sometime.

Caroline Stratley.

IT was always going to be temporary. This will happen when the furlough closes.

Paula Docherty.

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