October 20, 2021

Re-insulate UK Block M25, despite court order.

Breaking: Re-insulate UK Block M25, despite court order.
Breaking: Re-insulate UK Block M25, despite court order.

Despite a court order restraining its continued protests, Insulate UK workers blocked the M25 again this morning.

Surgery UK Protesters cordoned off 30 junctions near Thorke, Essex, around 8 a.m. this morning, in defiance of a High Court order issued last week.

Yesterday, the UK government took legal action against meteorological activists, who could face fines or up to two years in prison for continuing to protest.

Workers have been told they will be given orders to protest, which has been characterized by a “sit-in” in the middle of the M25 in recent weeks.

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After launching serial protests on M25, the High Court issued a restraining order to stop further protests, threatening jail time and indefinite fines.

Despite the court order, Insulate UK staged another protest on Britain’s busiest motorway yesterday, blocking the same junction twice in six hours.

Some protesters blocked the M25 at Junction 3 – Swanley Interchange, many of them sticking their hands on the road surface, causing a tailback around 7.30am.

The police have confirmed that he arrested 11 protesters before opening a round cycle before 9 am.

Unsatisfied, British protesters returned at 1pm, leading to 16 more arrests. All 27 people are being detained.

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According to a government spokesman: “Peaceful protest is a fundamental right of our democracy, but we cannot allow this reckless and dangerous behavior to continue on our streets.”

“We are already knocking on doors and handing over documents to criminals who will be sent to court and could face fines or imprisonment.

Police are continuing to make arrests and are working with National Highways to stop these illegal protests and keep the public safe.

Insolate UK, a non-violent uprising, is calling for adequate protection for homes across the UK from climate change.

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