September 17, 2021

Rapper Lil Dark and girlfriend India Cox were injured in a shootout during a domestic attack

Rapper Lil Dork and his girlfriend India Cox were recently shot dead after breaking into the home of several unknown individuals.

According to a report in TMZThe musician’s home in the Chatto Allen neighborhood of Brazil (outside Atlanta) was attacked and severely attacked on Sunday, July 11. The assailants broke into the house around 5 a.m., and an exchange of fire ensued shortly afterwards. Dark and India also opened fire on the criminals. The couple escaped unharmed.

YouTube’s DJ Academics reports that the police presence in the area has been increased since the incident. He said: “There was a heavy police presence at Lil Dork’s residence in Atlanta and he may have been raided because of an investigation into shootings and other crimes. They said where he lived. There was an alleged shooting nearby. It’s an irrational community, they called it the oppressed, the disaster. “

Media personality, real name Livingston Allen, said he received the information from other members of the community. Mirror. “Neighboring countries and people in this community have reported to me that, ‘U, Dark lives there and there are police officers. Trying to execute the FBI search warrant,’ he said. Is’.

The attack happened as Lil Dark, real name Dark Derek Bank, was preparing to go on tour with Lil Baby for the “Back Out Side Tour”. The 28-year-old was scheduled to perform at the Cleveland Summer Jam 2021 on August 27 before embarking on a journey with Lil Baby in September.

The rapper’s friends and other family members have been victims of gun violence in recent years. Her older brother, OTFD Tiang, was shot dead outside a strip club in Chicago just over a month ago. His friend and fellow rapper King Van was killed in a shooting in Atlanta in November 2020.

Dark surrendered to Atlanta authorities in 2019 after being wanted in connection with a February shooting outside a varsity restaurant. He had faced rape, including criminal attempted murder and street gang criminal charges.

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