October 22, 2021

Rangers star Coved is unable to attend the trial due to loneliness.

Jermaine Defoe was due to appear in Glasgow’s Justice of the Peace Court yesterday afternoon.

Bearden, 39, of East Dunbartonshire, faced the same speeding charge.

Prosecutor State Defoe drove a black Range Rover Sport at a speed of 56 miles per hour in 30 zones.

The alleged crime is said to have taken place on December 28, 2020, at A730, Mill Street, between Millburn Avenue and Mill Court in Rothergallen, South Lanarkshire.

Procurator Financial Representative Jennifer Glamor told the court she was told the reason for Defoe’s absence.

Justice Colin Mitchment asked what was the reason?

Miss Glamor replied: “Quaid loneliness.”

The case was continued without a request and a further hearing was scheduled for later this month.

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