October 20, 2021

Rangers revealed details of the vaccine as the club asked fans to bring evidence to the stadium.

Details were released ahead of Sunday’s Scottish Premiership match against Hibernin.

Fans have been told they will not be allowed into the stadium without proof.

The statement said: “Rangers would like to update supporters regarding the introduction of the vaccine certificate check. Scotland.

“From October 1, following legislation introduced by the Scottish Government, everyone participating in matches at the Abrox Stadium must be fully vaccinated and each must bring proof of this status with the match.” Unless he is an exception. ”

It adds: “According to Scottish Government guidelines, the vaccine as a whole means ‘vaccinated with an MHA-approved vaccine. The recommended dose for the vaccine used by the MHA vaccine.’ , And two weeks have passed since the vaccine came into effect.

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“Supporters are encouraged to bring a hard copy of their vaccine certificate, but digital copies will also be accepted.

“People from all parts of the UK will be able to use their existing vaccine certificates.

“Those who are exempt due to medical reasons or participation in vaccine trials are asked to carry an official letter confirming this. Without it you will not be admitted to the stadium.

“Quad status certification does not replace existing measures and supporters are encouraged to cover their faces and follow tests and abide by the rules and guidelines.

“Rangers are bound by legislation. We appreciate the support of supporters at this time.”

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