October 18, 2021

Rangers coach Michael Bell pushed the fan back, questioning Gers’ strategy.

Michael Bell counter-attacked a supporter who questioned the Rangers’ style of play.

Bell is widely praised as a Rangers tactic, with boss Steven Gerrard regularly checking his valuable coaching skills.

Bell in a conversation with Steven Gerrard.


Bell in a conversation with Steven Gerrard.

Gerrard added that it would take 20 years to become a good coach like the former Liverpool academy coach.

Gerez has faced questions at the start of this season that have been compared to last year’s campaign.

But given that Abrox Side tops the Premiership after winning a historic title last year, those comparisons are probably unfair.

Today’s win over Habs sent Gers back to the summit, a point at the nearest Challengers Hearts that they play next.

They were made to fight for three points despite the fact that a man on the habeaside side was short for 60 minutes.

And it sparked a backlash from fans on Twitter, which called into question Gers’s strategy.

One fan started the conversation, posting: “We train only once a week. Strategies and formats never change.”

Another fan commented to check out Bell in person.

He added: “Considering how upset Michael Bell is, it’s a concern.”

And Bell couldn’t let go of that comment without referring to the club’s impressive home record and league form over the past two seasons.

Citing a tweet for his 80,000 followers, Bell replied: “Out of the last 23 and 1 league defeats in 47 games, 22 have been won by the home league. How will you support the players?”

The supporter’s tweet has now been removed.

during this, John Lindstrom counts the international break. The wrong time has come for this.

‘Royal Ham’ Rangers’ ‘Morelus’ great game’ Portius’ red card highlights as Hubbs stopper explodes to deal with ‘what’s in his game’

Lindstrom is finally starting to explain why Steven Gerrard signed him from Sheffield United this summer.

He said: “I’m just looking for my feet.

It’s hard to change clubs and move to a new dressing room. I’m getting used to it now and hopefully I can keep up the good work.

“I wish there was a game next week, honestly. It was difficult today but we will go straight next week.

“We have two weeks of rest now, we will recharge the batteries and then go again.”

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