September 22, 2021

Rangers, along with police, identify spectators behind the slogans as they condemn racism and sectarianism.

Rangers are working with police to identify spectators who chanted ill slogans in Glasgow yesterday.

The Abroux Club also reiterated that it condemned all forms of racism and sectarianism in a statement this evening.

Rangers are working to identify the spectators behind the slogans.


Rangers are working to identify the spectators behind the slogans.Credit: PA

It comes after a video of a group of Light Blues supporters marching through Glasgow’s city center mocking the Irish famine.

The statement read: “After an incident on Sunday, we reiterated that Rangers FC condemns all forms of racism, sectarianism and discrimination.

We are working with the police to identify any season ticket holders.

“As a club, we are proud of our Everyone’s Campaign, led by the Rangers Charity Foundation, our work with a wide range of stakeholders and our ongoing engagement with the Scottish Government.

“All forms of discrimination are a social problem in Scotland.

“Those who influence Scottish discourse must devote their energies to ending this very serious problem of sectarianism, discrimination and racism in all sections of Scottish society.”

More to follow.

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