September 18, 2021

Rachel’s son says he cried for “wake up mom” after she was killed in front of him when she was three years old.

Tragedy Rachel Nickel’s son has revealed how he cried “wake up mummy” after being killed in front of him.

Alex Hans Kambe was just a small child when 23-year-old Rachel was stabbed and sexually assaulted 49 times on her way to Wimbledon Common in 1992.

Rachel Nickel was assassinated in 1992 at Wimbledon Common.


Rachel Nickel was assassinated in 1992 at Wimbledon Common.Credit: PA: Press Association
Son Alex was found wrapped around his mother's body.


Son Alex was found wrapped around his mother’s body.Credit: Louis Wood – Sun.

A frightened passerby later found Alex clinging to his murdered mother’s blood-soaked body.

Now the 32-year-old, who lives with his father in Barcelona, ​​has spoken openly about Rachel’s death.

He told Daily mail“My strongest memory is to say goodbye to my father at home.

“Then it usually goes hand in hand with my mother. I remember we go to the trees with our dog, Molly.”

I remember a stranger walking towards us.

“And I remember my mother being grabbed and thrown around, falling on the floor next to me. And I remember what happened.

“I said: ‘Get up, Mom.’ And he didn’t answer, so I said again: ‘Get up mom,’ and he didn’t answer.

“Even as a three-year-old, I knew my mother was gone. She wasn’t coming back.”

Former model Rachel was living as a full-time mother when she was brutally murdered by a complete stranger.

Serial sex offender Robert Knepper jumped out of the bushes and attacked her with a knife.

Rachel’s throat was slit, the cuts in her hands indicating that she had fought.

Sadly, little Alex stuck a piece of paper on his sad mother like plaster “to make her better.”

Transfer to ship

A massive police investigation was launched and 14 people were arrested in connection with his murder, but all were released.

As the investigation turned out to be more dead, officers pressured Alex to provide a smoking gun to catch his mother’s killer.

Andre’s father moved them both to southern France and later to Barcelona, ​​at the request of the traumatized child.

But the move caused a rift between Andre and Rachel’s parents, which deepened when they allegedly chose to see Alex when he was 16 instead of maintaining the relationship.

Alex said: “I contacted them when I was 19 so they could understand where they were.

“Unfortunately, the relationship hasn’t gotten much deeper yet. We exchanged a lot of letters but the conversation ended naturally.”

Bungled probe.

After the father and son moved abroad, police investigations continued in the UK, and on September 21, 1992, Colin Stig was targeted by police.

The 29-year-old newspaper delivery man was fined 200 200 after being found guilty of indecent exposure at Wimbledon Common.

No forensic evidence attaches Stage to the scene, but police asked criminal psychologist Paul Burton to create a criminal profile of the killer and decided he was their main culprit.

A year later, in August 1993, Stig was charged with Rachel’s murder, and a year later a trial was held in Old Bailey.

Stig refused to eat for six days.

Just months later, the case ended when a judge condemned a covert police operation in which a female officer exchanged several letters with Stag.

Operation Izdale – later renamed “Honey Trap” by Mr Justice Ognal – gave a female intelligence officer the nickname Lizzie James.

Lizzie contacted Stagg and wrote more than 40 letters in five months, each clearer than the last.

Chain of mistakes

In the end, Lizzie was practically asking Stag to confess to Rachel’s murder.

But even when he had the opportunity to confess to the murder in exchange for the sex he desperately wanted, Stig insisted it had nothing to do with Rachel’s death.

The prosecution withdrew its case and Satg was formally acquitted in September 1994 and later paid more than 700 700,000 in compensation.

“It’s very unfortunate what happened to Stig. It was a chain of police mistakes, focused on it and wasted opportunities to catch the real killer,” Alex said.

It wasn’t until 2008, 16 years after the attack, that 41-year-old Robert Knepper confessed to stabbing Rachel.

Napier has been suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and Asperger’s at Bradmore Hospital for more than ten years.

He was convicted of killing Samantha Bassett and her four-year-old daughter Jasmine in November 1993 – 16 months after Rachel’s murder.

Advances in DNA profiling mean police have been able to link Napier to the 2004 murder.

He was convicted of the murder on the grounds of low responsibility.

Police mistakes

Police missed several opportunities to arrest Napier before his six-year sexual and rape attacks ended.

Alex and Andre never paid for the tangled investigation, despite meeting police chief Krisda Dick’s confession that more should have been done.

He wrote to the family in 2010, but the assistant commissioner at Scotland Yard said the force could have been “in a better position to stop Robert Knepper’s horrific attacks, including Rachel’s death”.

Alex is convinced that his mother would still be alive if it were not for the mistakes of the police that allowed him to roam free.

He said: “I feel that although the police take an oath to serve and protect members of the British people, when mistakes are made and pushes are made – they are forced to choose between the two.” They choose their service and safety individually. And as an organization, and we’ve seen that over and over again. “

Closed bond

Rachel’s murder is now being sought in the Channel 4 documentary Death on the Common: My Mother’s Murder.

In it, Alex and Andre can be seen visiting the place where Rachel was brutally taken from them for the first time since 1993.

The father and son also pay tribute to Samantha and Jazmin, the first victims of Napier, where they were killed in Plumstead.

Talking about his close relationship with his father, Alex says: “If my mother hadn’t lived the way she did, we probably wouldn’t be as deep as we are today.

“So even though I know there’s something we’ve lost, there’s something we’ve done in this relationship.

“It’s probably the most important relationship of our lives. It’s the 30-year journey we’ve taken together. We’re very lucky we’ve been able to keep it going.”

Rachel was walking on the common with Alex and dog Molly.


Rachel was walking on the common with Alex and dog Molly.Credit: Submit.
The former model was living as a full-time mother.


The former model was living as a full-time mother.Credit: Rex Features
After a police investigation, Colin Stagg was cleared of any involvement.


After a police investigation, Colin Stagg was cleared of any involvement.Credit: PA: Press Association
Robert Knepper was eventually convicted of murder.


Robert Knepper was eventually convicted of murder.Credit: Enterprise News and Photos.
Rachel Nickel’s son Alex Hans Kambe revived the moment he was assassinated by Robert Knepper.

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