Queen frontman Adam Lambert supported Adele’s decision to postpone the Las Vegas shows.

QUEEN frontman Adam Lambert backed Adele’s decision to postpone the Las Vegas shows, saying her fans “deserve more” than an unfinished show.

Adam, who currently serves as a judge on the ITV talent show Starstruck, says he found the superstar’s tearful Instagram statement “heartbreaking”.


Adam Lambert supported Adele’s decision to postpone the Las Vegas concerts.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Although he is best known for performing hits such as The Show Must Go On, he insisted that Adele was right to push back long-awaited shows.

Adam said, “Adele is so honest and vulnerable, so the video was hard to watch.

“Any artist who has toured understands that sometimes things are out of your control.

“She accidentally got into a situation where the show just wasn’t ready.”

Adam added, “I feel like Adele, I’m sure the fans and their experience is what the show is meant to be.

“If an artist doesn’t like what they show on stage, it also affects what the public gets.

“Especially as a solo artist, because it’s all about that person.

“It has to be right, otherwise it won’t be what the public deserves. I’m sure she’s doing her best to get everything back on track and everyone will see a great show.”

The American singer became a hit with TV fans on Starstruck, which launched earlier this month.

Hosted by Olly Merce, the show features copycat teams acting as their singing idols for judges Adam, Sheridan Smith, Jason Manford and Beverly Knight.

And Adam, who says he was determined to bring his “weird American camp feel” to the panel, revealed how he and Ollie really hit it off backstage.


He said, “He was on The X Factor in 2009 when I was on American Idol. We both went through this system and could exchange views.

“He’s such a nice guy and he’s a great host. So it was a good communication experience. We traded stories about Simon Cowell.”

Adam, who has performed alongside Queen legends Brian May and Roger Taylor for over a decade, says he’s desperate to tour again this summer.

He is also working on songs for his own musical, which will be included in the concept album.

Adam said: “It was interesting to write songs for someone else’s story, and it takes the pressure off a bit.

“There are so many questions in the industry: “How do I communicate with people? How can I create a brand? But there is something purer about it.

“Your product needs to sell and get traffic. But on my last album, Velvet, I worked really hard to separate myself from that.

“I think this musical is the next step in that direction.”


Sources say CAESAR’S Palace bosses are in talks with Adele to reschedule her concerts for the summer.

The Colosseum is booked until June 18 with performances by Keith Urban, the first of two blocks of Rod Steward concerts and a series of Sting concerts.

Sources Say Caesar'S Palace Bosses Are In Talks With Adele To Reschedule Her Concerts For The Summer.


Sources say Caesar’s Palace bosses are in talks with Adele to reschedule her concerts for the summer.1 credit

But there is a gap between Sting’s last performance on June 18th and the first of Rod’s second block on September 23rd.

While Adele is already scheduled to perform at British Summer Time on July 1 and 2, Caesar’s hopes she will be back in Vegas immediately after the performances.

One of them said: “Such a schedule would make the most sense.

“Negotiations are currently ongoing and it is hoped that Adele dates will be agreed very soon.

“She made it clear that next year is not an option and everyone is looking to fix dates.”


LILY JAMES shows off her physique as Pamela Anderson from the hit Disney+ show Pam & Tommy.

Last week, Lily took to the official Instagram with Queens of the Stone Age rocker Michael Schuman, sharing a snap of the back of his head.

Lily James Shows Off Her Physique As Pamela Anderson From The Hit Disney+ Show Pam & Tommy.


Lily James shows off her physique as Pamela Anderson from the hit Disney+ show Pam & Tommy.Credit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.


AFTER Tinder Swindler scammer Simon Leviev posted personalized videos of himself online, he is trying to make a name for himself in Hollywood.

In addition to hiring Hollywood’s top agent Gina Rodriguez, the Netflix documentary star is determined to be a star in Tinseltown.

Tinder Swindler Scammer Simon Leviev Tries To Make A Name For Himself In Hollywood


Tinder Swindler scammer Simon Leviev tries to make a name for himself in Hollywood1 credit

A source said, “Simon is clearly not ashamed or worried about what the Netflix series has done to him.

“He sees this as an opportunity to use this fame, and Gina is the right person to help him on this journey.

“He would like to put on a big shiny show like Dancing with the Stars.

He has already started doing PR in America.

He bleated, “I am not a swindler or a fake. People don’t know me, so they can’t judge me.”

Try to say that to the women he deceived. . .


HARRY STYLES’ net worth continues to skyrocket after leaving One Direction, with one of his firms adding £5 million in assets.

Erskine Touring’s growth comes despite Harry being unable to perform live for nearly two years during the pandemic.

The Assets Of One Of Harry Style'S Firms Grew By £5 Million.


The assets of one of Harry Style’s firms grew by £5 million.Credit: Getty – Contributor

His company’s assets stood at £9.4m at the end of March last year, compared to £4.4m a year earlier, according to reports.

That figure should rise sharply next year when he hits the road with his Love On Tour shows and the likely release of a new album.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Harry’s firm HSA Publishing had raised £2m thanks to an almost £1m increase in the star’s investment.

His other company, Erskine Records, will release records later this year.


Dancing On Ice star Steph Reed has revealed that her husband loves her sexy on-ice looks so much that he begs her to bring them home.

Paralympian Steph, who is married to Canadian wheelchair racer Brent Lakatos, said Brent was particularly enamored with his Dirty Dancing-inspired outfit in week two.

And she said she’s also having a great time showing off her sexy side on the show.

Steph, who is paired with professional skater Andy Buchanan, said: “Brent actually told me to hold on to the blonde wig after I skated as Baby in Dirty Dancing. I said, “I’m sorry, baby, but I can’t.”

“You know what, though? He’s the guy I’ll always zoom in front of, send him a picture of me in my outfit, like, “Hey, check me out!” And he always replies: “You look stunning, but I still prefer you without makeup!” ”

Steph continued, “I really like the outfits. I mean, from now on, my entire fitness must be blinded. I won’t be back now.

“Every Sunday has been one of the best times I’ve had the opportunity to explore these different sides of me and just, I guess, somehow surprise myself with what’s coming out and what’s in there.

“Sometimes it’s fun to do something sexier, to say that I have more sides than what people have seen.”


RAPPER H returns to his northern roots and samples The Stone Roses on his upcoming single.

The rising star uses the 1989 Fools Gold anthem on his next track of the same name.

Rapper H Returns To His Northern Roots And Samples The Stone Roses In His Upcoming Single.


Rapper H returns to his northern roots and samples The Stone Roses in his upcoming single.1 credit

We also heard that The Roses frontman Ian Brown made a cameo appearance in his Mancunian colleague’s music video.

A music source said, “Eitch and Ian are both proud northerners and Ian is delighted that the young star will tell the next generation about her music.

“This is a massive upheaval that Yang wants to be part of in film as well.

“Eitch is definitely putting his unique stamp on the track and it should be a hit.”


The rumor mill is spinning with rumors that Taylor Swift is engaged to boyfriend Joe Alwyn after five years of being together.

An American magazine reports that “multiple sources” have confirmed the couple’s engagement following their New Year’s Eve visit to St Ives in Cornwall.

Taylor Swift Is Rumored To Be Engaged To Boyfriend Joe Alwyn After Five Years Together.


Taylor Swift is rumored to be engaged to boyfriend Joe Alwyn after five years together.1 credit

It comes after the superstar, who rarely talks about her personal life, paid a touching tribute to her boyfriend at last year’s Grammy Awards.

When putting together the “Album of the Year” gong for Folklore, she said, “Joe, the first person I sing to every song I write (for)”.

And she added that she was “so much fun writing songs in quarantine” with him.

Mary Queen of Scots actor Joe wrote the lyrics to Taylor’s songs Betty, Exile and Champagne Problems under the pseudonym William Bowery.

And in her Disney+ documentary The Long Pond Studio Sessions, Taylor said, “I was like, ‘Hey, this might be really weird and we can hate it — because we’re in quarantine and nothing else is going on, can we just try ? write this song together?”

Last night, Taylor’s representatives on both sides of the pond refused to respond to rumors of her engagement.

Let’s hope that if he proposed, Joe forked out more than just a paper ring.


HARRY and Jamie Redknapp are teaming up to film a three-part Qatar travel story before fans travel there for the World Cup later this year.

It should be fun, as it’s being produced by comic book buddy Jack Whitehall’s Jackpot Productions.

A TV source said: “The father-son duo will experience the local culture in Qatar before football fans invade en masse later this year.

“They are ready to laugh and send themselves upstairs.”


Mom-to-be Rihanna has been revealing her tummy as much as possible since she announced her pregnancy from ASAP Rocky this year.

This week, while talking about her maternity fashion, she revealed how determined she is to promote the idea that pregnant women can be sexy.

Rihanna Reveals How Determined She Is To Promote The Idea That Pregnant Women Can Be Sexy


Rihanna reveals how determined she is to promote the idea that pregnant women can be sexy1 credit

And the singer says she’s felt more confident since finding out she’s pregnant, admitting, “My breasts have gotten bigger every week.”

She added, “When women get pregnant society tends to make them feel like you’re hiding, hiding your sexuality and that you’re not sexy right now, (but) you’re going back there and I don’t believe it.” *T.

“So I’m trying something that I didn’t even have the confidence to try before pregnancy. The thinner the straps, the more cutouts, the better for me.”

It’s good that Ree stands up for pregnant women everywhere.

But will those sexy outfits give way to comfy sweatshirts and old pajama bottoms when she hits her ninth month?

This week who would we….

SNOG: Brad Pitt – to help him get rid of the castle.

MARRY: Dr Dre and others for their hints of old school R’n’B/hip hop.

AVOID: The chef who gave Liberty Pool a worm in her curry.

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