September 19, 2021

Queen Elizabeth II ‘wants’ her son Andrew to remain a colonel despite allegations of sexual exploitation.

Queen Elizabeth II has come under fire amid reports that she is allowing her son, Prince Andrew, to retain his military title despite allegations of sexual harassment.

Prince Andrew, who resigned as senior royal in 2019 over a scuffle with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, faced a new scandal earlier this month. Epstein’s accuser, Virginia Geffery, sued the British monarchy on the grounds that she had been forced to have sex with him when she was a minor.

However, the British monarch still wants his second son to remain a colonel in the Grenadier Guards, a high-ranking military post he inherited from his late father, Prince Philip. A senior military source said. Sunday Times Regarding the situation, “the Queen has told the regiment that she wants the Duke of York to remain Colonel, and the realization is that no one wants to do anything that would upset the Colonel-in-Chief.”

Insiders described it as a “very difficult, unsatisfactory situation” in which the king’s decision did not have the support of the British military. “His position is not acceptable or practicable. How can you be a colonel who can’t play a role?” The source added that the regiment felt that it was not appropriate to maintain it, and senior defense chiefs thought it should go.

The Duke of York, who has vehemently denied the allegations against him, has not been allowed to carry out his military duties since retiring as senior monarch almost two years ago. A Buckingham Palace spokesman said of his military role: “All military appointments to the Grenadiers and the Duke have been suspended since he resigned in November 2019 for the foreseeable future.”

The king, who earlier this year faced criticism on social media for his decision to leave his grandson Prince Harry as a military prince and pursue a financially independent career. Unlike Harry, it’s very reprehensible.

Meanwhile, author Liam Glover wrote for. Mirror That the king’s move proves that “the royal family is untouchable.” In light of the trial, Andrew looked at Balmoral and asked how the mother could help and make sure her lips were sealed this time. Instead of denouncing him, he allegedly allied himself with his son and is now pushing for him to retain his coveted military title, “he wrote.

“It’s easier to break the law when your mother’s face is hidden in the money in your bank,” Glover argued. In the presence of the queen or in the vicinity of the royal palace.

The author said, “If the royal family had not been completely inaccessible, Andrew would not have been given the privilege of silence. Shines gold medals. ” .

Prince Andrew's lawyers deny the lack of co-operation.
Prince Andrew in formal uniform.
Photo: AFP / John Thesis

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