September 18, 2021

Queen Elizabeth II thanked the artist for her ‘beautiful, scary’ and ‘strange’ portrait of her husband Prince Philip.

Queen Elizabeth II sent a letter of thanks to a woman for a picture of her late husband, Prince Philip, but the artist revealed that she found her own work “very scary” and “strange.”

Honor Morrison, who received a personal letter from Buckingham Palace from the Queen, said that the reason she had sent the portrait to the first palace was because it seemed strange to her but she did not want to make it her own. The 23-year-old recalled that he spent four hours painting the Duke of Edinburgh when he saw his face on the news for several days after his death in April this year. Once free, he kept the piece in his family home room in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, but at the end of the day, he found his art “very scary” because he felt like the British monarch was watching him. , Reports Royal Central.

Morrison jokingly said in a tick-tock video that if she gets a thousand likes, she will send the picture to the palace. Her clip went viral and she immediately received more than a thousand likes. He sent the photo in May, and received a letter with the Royal Mail ER stamp on the envelope in the post last week. “The Queen wishes I could write to you for your message of sympathy and for the charming painting, and thank you, Duke of Edinburgh,” the letter said.

The message added, “The Queen has been deeply moved by the messages she has received from around the world and I am most grateful for your thoughtful support in sending a gift like yours at this time.”

Morrison, who works for the BBC, filmed himself opening the letter, saying the royal death “struck a chord with him”.

“It was a sunny afternoon, and I really wanted to gasp. I didn’t want my mom to do it because I knew her face so well. Prince Philip was everywhere on TV, and I didn’t know. Who else to paint. Being rude but her wrinkled face is made for a great subject, “Honor said in the video that she feels” really honored and really grateful “for the royal letter.

His Majesty Prince Philip.
Queen Elizabeth II and her late husband, Prince Philip.

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