October 20, 2021

Queen Elizabeth II spoke of Prince Philip for the first time since her death.

Since the death of her companion Prince Philip at the age of 99 in April this year, Queen Elizabeth II has always looked strong and composed in her public appearances. The British monarch publicly remembered her 73-year-old husband when he attended the opening of the Scottish Parliament over the weekend, the first time she had lost him in old age.

In her opening remarks at the sixth session of the Scottish Parliament in Holly Road, the 95-year-old spoke of the love she and her late husband shared for Scotland. “I have spoken before about my deep and enduring love for this wonderful country, and about the many fond memories Prince Philip and I have always had,” he said.

The Queen added, “It is often said that these people make space, and there are some places where this is true compared to Scotland, as we have seen in recent days.”

Responding to her speech, Scotland’s First Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Parliament shared her deepest sympathy and condolences on the loss of (the Queen) and thanked her for “establishing our Parliament since 1999”. Have been steadfast friends ever since. “

The king, dressed in gray and pink as a symbol of mourning after the death of her husband, gave a bold color to her latest engagement. She chose an alpine green herring bone wool A line coat under a floral printed dress with gold animated flowers, both by Stuart Parveen. She paired her dress with an alpine green hat with a diamond ring brooch from Rachel Trevor Morgan and her grandmother, Queen Mary. the people..

She was accompanied by her eldest son Prince Charles and daughter-in-law Camilla. The couple, known in Scotland as the Duke and Duchess of Rothschild, paid tribute to the country with their choice of clothing. The heir wore a traditional mat for the occasion, while Duchess Camilla wore a green coat trimmed with Mr. Roy’s Rothsay Tartan, along with Philip Tracy’s green barrette and his own diamond thistle brooch. Was

Queen Elizabeth II.
Queen Elizabeth II cuts a lone figure at her husband’s funeral on April 17 Photo: Paul / Leon Neil

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