September 18, 2021

Queen Elizabeth II has asked the palace to plan a legal battle against Harry and Meghan.

Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly fed up with the ongoing public protests against her grandson Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle’s Buckingham Palace and members of the royal family, and legal action as a last resort to stop them. Also ready to consider.

According to a report in T.That sunThe British king has ordered senior palace aides to plan a legal battle against Sussex, and the legal team has already begun consulting with experts on how to prevent the couple from conducting further damaging interviews. A well-known source told the outlet that the queen was “disturbed by the repeated attacks” and felt that the “firm” had reached the point where it could tolerate it.

“The feeling of coming from above is enough. Enough is enough. There is a limit to how much will be accepted and the Queen and the royal family can only be moved forward. They are legislating. Harry and Meghan will be aware. What’s more, repeated attacks will not be tolerated, “the insider revealed.

According to the report, the Queen and the Palace are concerned that the American people are blindly believing everything Harry and Meghan are saying, and want to stop them before their reputation is further tarnished. One of the options lawyers are considering is a legal warning to publisher Penguin Random House, which has contracted with Prince Harry to release his memoir next year, where he will also detail his royal life. ۔

The source said, “The royal family’s legal team is talking to companies with expertise and confidentiality. If someone is named in the book and is directly accused of something that is a scandal. It could violate the rights of the family. “

The insider added, “It would be ironic if Harry and Meghan were accused of violating confidentiality in light of their statements on the subject. The legal team contacted the book’s publishers and warned them in advance of the contents.” And she can ask for the right to answer. “

The Queen’s move comes just days after a new chapter in “Finding Freedom”, which details a biography of Harry and Meghan’s separation from the royal family, citing their friends. The couple is reportedly worried about the king’s response to their racist allegations.

British royal family.
British royal family. Photo: AFP / Tolga A Main.

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