Putin used the post-Soviet era to get drunk on his country’s oil wealth.

Sea monster

For decades, Russia was ruled by bloodthirsty bandits and thieves. How else could Putin become the owner of the most expensive yacht in the world?

He has used the post-Soviet era to get drunk on his country’s oil and gas wealth, even more greedily than the oligarchs who fawn over him.


For decades, Russia was ruled by bloodthirsty bandits and thieves.[/caption]

The Superyacht Is Moored At The Italian Sea Group Shipyard In Marina Di Carrara.
How else could Putin become the owner of the most expensive yacht in the world?

Oddly enough, most Russians they don’t seem to mind his crazy war. Anyway, not yet.

Of course, there is no Scheherazade. Insertname. There’s a shell company in the files, the same legal ploy holding his buddy. Alisher UsmanovBritish mansions are out of reach of Britain.

But this is a monstrous floating palace worthy of a monster. Judo-loving monster.

Italy must immediately seize it and fill it with refugees.

Aj Mariupol Explosion Compv2


Dying children ‘eat dogs and drink radiator water’ as Putin devastates Mariupol

Kc Spacex Putin Elon Comp


Elon Musk fires ANOTHER shot at Putin as SpaceX helps OneWeb after Russia ban

Or sell it and transfer the money Ukrainian charity. If neither is possible, blow it to smithereens.

Putin can hardly complain.

bubble burst

INSIDE the Boris-hating Remignac bubble Britain is ridiculed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They say that we are a backwater that has destroyed its own importance in the EU and is now “not trusted by the whole world.”

They enjoy their suffering. But on planet Earth, the opposite is true.
We led the world in jabs and came out first of the deadliest stages of Covid.


Head of International Trade Anne-Marie Trevelyan today begins talks with Canada to greatly improve our EU-era agreement.[/caption]

Thanks to our efforts for the Ukrainians, we have taken a new place in their hearts. And while we have already signed or reaffirmed many trade agreements since Brexit, larger ones now seem inevitable.

Head of International Trade Department Anne-Marie Trevelyan today begins negotiations with Canada to significantly improve our Europeera agreement. Israel, Mexico and giants like India and the US are lining up to do the same.

Putin has unwittingly reminded the democracies who their real friends are.

“The rest of the world sees the UK as a great country and wants to work with a reliable partner,” says Ms Trevelyan.

“We humiliate ourselves.”

Not exactly, Anne-Marie. “We” is not.

Shame on the Met

Under two gloomy commissars of the Metropolitan Police, it was allowed to fester and rot.

The watchdog’s report on its efforts to eradicate corruption is shocking. Not least because these efforts are virtually non-existent.

We knew that the London Force’s screening procedures were broken, given that they had recruited Sarah Everard’s killer. Wayne Cousens. We now know that a staggering 350 employees have criminal convictions and are still not under effective control.

Hundreds of valuable crime artifacts and 2,000 warrant cards are missing.

Vp Comp Spring


Due to 21C it’s hotter here than in Barcelona, ​​but it could SNOW in a few days



Carl Woods “tried to break into the house after rowing with Katie Price”

Even more depressingly, the inspector shows no desire to learn from mistakes in the “arrogant” top management. What charge Cressida Dick as well as Bernard Hogan-Howe in front of her.

Whoever takes on the task will have a huge task. But they can hardly do worse.

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