October 27, 2021

Putin says Ukraine’s gas transport system is dilapidated and could explode.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that the supply of natural gas from Ukraine to Europe could eventually be halted. In his opinion, the Ukrainian gas pipeline system could easily explode if the corridor is widened.

Putin said that some irresponsible politicians in Ukraine demanded the nationalization of gas and as a result they started extracting gas from there.

According to Putin, Russia has increased its supply through Ukraine’s gas transportation system by more than 10 percent this year.

“No one can increase it there anymore. Everyone is asking us to increase gas supplies through Ukraine, but that increase is dangerous. President Putin said the GTS has not been repaired for decades and if If the pressure increases, the system will explode and Europe will lose this route completely.

At the same time, Putin pointed out that even in the most difficult times of the Cold War, Russia fulfilled its obligations under the agreement and provided natural gas to Europe.

“Even during the most difficult period of the Cold War, Russia was consistently fulfilling its contractual obligations to supply gas to Europe,” he recalled.

Earlier, Putin said that the reason for the increase in gas prices in Europe. Accordingly, Natural gas prices in Europe have risen due to power shortages., But not vice versa. Putin also promised that Russia would reach a record level of gas supply to the world market by the end of this year.

Putin’s official spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said Russia had increased its gas supplies to Europe under existing agreements and would not be able to increase fuel exports.

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