September 20, 2021

“PSG’s move is possible,” Macy explained.

When Lionel Messi faced members of the press for his farewell party in Barcelona on Sunday, it was inevitable to ask questions about his next destination. In particular, Messi was asked to clarify the circumstances behind the photo that was shown with a group of Paris Saint-Germain players a few days before the announcement of his departure.

Angel Di Maria shared a photo on Instagram on Tuesday, showing Messi smiling for the camera while standing with a group of PSG players, namely Neymar Jr., Leandro Pardes, De Maria himself and Marco Variety. Naturally, this gave rise to speculation, especially now that he is strongly associated with the French giants.

Messi then said that moving to the League 1 organization was “a possibility”, but did not confirm that it was a deal, as claimed by the brother of the Emir of Qatar.