September 22, 2021

PSG formally introduced Lionel Messi and saluted Real Madrid’s plan to sign MBP.

Real Madrid fans are expecting Paris Saint-Germain to call Florentino Perez after confirming that Lionel Messi is heading to the French capital. The subject of the call is expected to be the sale of Killian Mbabane, but the League 1 organization has now dashed those hopes.

Messi was immediately linked with PSG when Barcelona confirmed his departure on Thursday last week. Real Madrid gained new hope that French companies could eventually soften their stance on retaining Mbabane, but that was not the case.

A teaser video was shared on PSG’s social media platform before Macy’s was officially unveiled at the Park des Princes on Tuesday. In it, a clear message was sent to Real Madrid: “Even if we lose it on a free transfer next summer, we are still not letting Mbabane go.”

The video shows Neymar’s number 10 shirt and Mbappe’s number 7 jersey hanging on either side of a locker with the Argentine flag on it. Probably the locker is for Macy, who we now know will wear shirt number 30.

The PSG have made it clear that in addition to reuniting former Barcelona teammates Neymar and Messi, the Frenchman will complete their attacking trio for next season. Although Mbappe is reluctant to sign an extension with PSG, the club do not intend to allow him to leave until his current contract expires at the end of next season.

Simply put, Macy’s arrival doesn’t end Mbabane. In fact, PSG is determined to use all three attacking superstars.

In that case, Real Madrid will have to wait until January, when Mbabane will be free to negotiate with other clubs. Until then, he could either agree to a transfer of Spanish capital, or, depending on how the first half of the season goes, he could eventually extend the offer to PSG.

Mbabane’s goal has always been to become a Real Madrid player, but he will definitely be tempted to stay and play with Messi and former Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos. PSG president Nasir al-Khalifa is convinced that no other club can offer a better package for a player. They have a very ambitious summer, and it remains to be seen whether their signing of the superstar will enable them to bring home silverware to justify their collective spending.

Killian Mbapi
Killian Mbabane and PSG are playing catch-up in the League 1 title race.
Frank Fife / AFP

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