October 18, 2021

Provert who sent a ‘sex photo’ to a ‘child’ is barred from caring.

A prostitute convicted of sending sexually explicit images to someone she considered a child has been banned from caring for her.

Michael Docherty was employed as a support worker at an adult care home in East Kill Bride but was fired after his conviction came to light.

In April of this year, Docherty appeared in Hamilton Sheriff’s Court on two counts of sexual offenses.

Between May 17, 2020, and June 30, 2020, Docherty repeatedly sent sexually explicit messages that she thought were 13-year-olds.

The “child” was, in fact, an adult who pretended to be a child.

Docherty was also convicted of sending a sex photo.

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It has now been removed from Scottish Social Services. Council (SSSC) Register

A report called his sentence “extremely serious” and said his behavior was “inconsistent with working primarily in social care”.

He added: “It is almost impossible to reverse such behavior. It is a basic principle of the social care profession that workers protect vulnerable people from harm.

“While this behavior was out of work, and the service users were not harmed, you still tried to take advantage of a weak young man.

“This was repeated over a period of about six weeks. You seem to have admitted your behavior and admitted guilt at the outset but you have not commented to the SSC.

“Thus you have not shown any foresight or remorse for your actions, nor have you offered any mitigating circumstances.”

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