September 20, 2021

Priyanka Chopra saves Meghan Markle’s father-in-law Prince William and Kate Middleton at Wimbledon?

According to a new video, Priyanka Chopra apparently rescued Prince William and Kate Middleton in a recent Wimbledon game.

The Indian actress, who attended Prince Harry’s royal wedding to her friend Meghan Markle in April 2018, made it to the Wimbledon women’s singles final in London on Saturday. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived after Chopra for the game, and took their seats in the royal court amid applause from the crowd.

In this moment’s clip, Chopra is seen shaking with his scarf while the rest of the crowd is clapping for the royal couple, who were sitting in two rows in front of him. The “Quantico” star, despite standing very close to him on the center court balcony, seemed to be far away from the British kings where he was meeting other VIPs after the match. According to the news, his business woman friend Natasha Poonawala has also not taken a picture in the conversation with Shahans Mail online