September 18, 2021

Prison officer smuggles sugar to Scott’s jail for gangsters

A prison officer was allegedly caught smuggling Scottish techways into Scott’s prison and throwing them at gangster inmates.

The alleged warder was seen moving “luxury” food inside the Advail Nick.

A prison official allegedly smuggled Chinese vaccines into the Scott Prison for gangsters.


A prison official allegedly smuggled Chinese vaccines into the Scott Prison for gangsters.Credit: Sun.

Of Daily record It was reportedly flagged off by whistleblowers inside West Lutheran Prison, and other treats, including cakes and sweets, were found.

Sodexo, who manages the prison, is said to have launched an investigation into the allegations.

This is not the first case of abuse in prison.

Many activists have complained that the prison is run by “organized crime groups” and is out of control.

Two weeks ago, we explained how The female prison guard was released after a break secretly snatched herself away. In his prison

The footage shows a hidden camera mounted on a banned mobile phone a few seconds before the screw, which we are not naming, enters Kevin Hogg’s cell at Edwill Nick.

He apparently filmed it to brag about other disadvantages.

Screw, 20, has resigned following footage from Clinch’s hidden camera.

An insider said that this is just a situation that shows how disorganized the institution has become.

A source told the Daily Record that staff shortages, inexperienced staff, poor training and corruption were out of control.

He said: “Edival has a whistle-making service that aims to make it easier to investigate under-hand items.

Bullets and vandalism – HMP Parkhorst officer jailed for 30 years.

“An officer complained to a colleague about bringing luxury items like cakes and sweets and he made a special note of a Chinese takeaway that was being given to a customer.

“The word was that the officer named in the complaint never returned to work the following week.”

A spokesman for HMP Advail said: “We cannot comment on specific security issues or individuals, but we can confirm that all appropriate action has been taken.”

In a shocking moment, a prisoner of Edelweiss prison snatched a female officer from his own prison.

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