September 19, 2021

Princess Nathalie can return to equestrian sports.

Princess Nathalie of Saint-Wittgenstein-Berlinburg, daughter of Princess Benedict of Denmark and niece of Prince Richard of St.-Wittgenstein-Berlinburg and Queen Margaret of Denmark and King Constantine II of Greece did not rule out horseback riding.

The Danish-German princess, who is serving as the national coach for the Danish equestrian during the Tokyo Olympics, has had a long career in equestrian herself. In an interview with the Danish press shortly after the Olympics, Shahi discussed the possibility of returning to the sport, saying, “If I have to be completely honest, yes.”

Nathali told the Danish newspaper, “Who knows what will happen to my warehouse in a few years, or if it already exists? I can’t say right now.BT. “

The 46-year-old explained that he is hopeful of returning because age is not a big factor in equestrianism. “Our sport is one that we can practice for a long time. It’s not like tennis or soccer where you have a limited number of years you can play,” he said. I don’t know how old the old dressage rider is at the moment, whether he is 65-66 or something.

Shahi, who won a bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics and also competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics, continued to prioritize helping his country. “The sport of horseback riding has given me a lot, and if I can contribute and give back a little bit of what I’ve gained from it, I think it’s great,” he said.

Princess Nathalie began her equestrian career in 1994, when she was 19 years old. She began training to fly Swedish horses with her trainer, Cara Kirkland, a former world champion in dressage. He was a reserve rider on the 2000 Olympic team, and has competed in many competitions since then. In January 2017, he was named head coach of the Danish national dressage team.

In addition to riding, Nathalie also breeds horses, as does her mother. He opened his stud farm in Bury Berlberg in the fall of 2005.

Princess Nathalie Zhou Sai-Wittgenstein-Burleyburg.
Princess Nathalie Zoe Sai-Wittgenstein-Berlinburg and husband Alexander Johannesman smile as they leave the Evangelical Church after their religious wedding in Berlin-Berg.

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