September 25, 2021

Princess Marie Theresa, the first royal to die since Cowade 19, was buried a year after her death.

Princess Marie Thrace of Bourbon Perma, who was the first monarch to lose her life in Cove 19, finally received her family’s last rites and proper burial a year after her death.

The princess belonged to the House of Bourbon Perma, a cadet branch of the Spanish royal family whose members had once ruled as king and duke of Perma and Piasenza, Gustala and Luca. She lost her life at the age of 86 at the start of an epidemic in March last year, but restrictions on health and social distance at the time only allowed for a small ceremony in Paris.

Her family members, some of whom live in Switzerland and some in the Netherlands, were unable to travel to the French capital at the time to attend the event, as both countries already had outbound and outbound travelers. Had closed their borders for The only exceptions were citizens who were abroad when the borders were closed and were still returning home.

More than a year later, now that the borders have been reopened, because travelers provide evidence of a negative test or vaccination, the family decided to give the royal a proper funeral. He held a small ceremony at the Basilica di Santa Maria della Sticata in Parma, Italy, where he was buried with the rest of the Bourbon Perma family. Royal Central.

Princess Mary was the daughter of Theresa Bourbon Perma and Prince Xavier of Madeleine de Bourbon Basset. She never married, and had no children, but her family members were there to say goodbye to her brother Carlos Hugo, including his nieces and nephews, who headed the Bourbon Perma family until his death in 2010. Were The nephew, now Prince Carlos of Bourbon Perma, also paid tribute to the late royal.

She was the first eminent monarch, though from a non-governmental family, to die of an illness. He breathed his last on March 26, 2020 in a Paris hotel. Her death was announced by her brother Prince Sixty Henry on his Facebook page.

Princess Marie Thrace was a professor, a French-Spanish socialist activist and a women’s rights activist. Her royal roots and liberal socialist views earned her the nickname “Red Princess”. When Juan Carlos became king after a period of exile, he obtained Spanish citizenship by royal decree and lived in Madrid for a few years before moving to Paris.

Princess Marie-Thrace.
A photo of a young Princess Marie-Thrace from her brother Prince Sixto’s Facebook page.

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