September 18, 2021

Princess Eugenie’s husband, Jack Brooks, enjoys a boat ride with women wearing bank bikinis.

Jack Brooks Banks was spotted mingling with bikini-clad women on a boat trip off the Italian island of Capri on Friday afternoon, while his wife, Princess Eugenie, was in London with her son August.

Photos from Daily mail The 35-year-old was shown with friends Erica Pelosini, Maria Buxilati, and Rachel Zalis. He even posed for pictures with Buccellati, in which he showed his hand. Twitter The user called it an “unfortunate position”. The model-turned-ambassador then shared a photo of the boat ride and several other photos on Instagram Story.

He was smiling and taking pictures when he went swimming with Pelosini above. He was later spotted on a 26-foot deck. The Gozo boat to wrap itself in a towel, although the model occasionally removed it in full view of others while on the deck. Similarly, Brooks Bank was seen sipping on a rose, reading a book and occasionally drowning, checking his phone.

Of course, people in the pictures asked if he was cheating on the 31-year-old Shahi. He was reportedly the Casamigos Tequila’s brand ambassador for the business. A source claimed that Princess Eugenie did not accompany her husband on the trip because she was “present to work on the ball”.