September 18, 2021

Princess Eugenie sympathizes with ‘resident clown’ Prince Harry on Beatrice’s memory

Prince Harry has the support of his cousins, Princess Eugenie and Beatrice, on his memory, which was set for release sometime in 2022.

Even after the Duke of Sussex Magsaysay, Princess Eugenie and Beatrice are still close. Beatrice also sent public greetings to him and Meghan Markle during their third wedding anniversary in May, while the rest of the royals did not succeed. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also allowed Beatrice and her family to live in Frogmore Cottage, which they renovated before moving to the United States.

A friend claimed that the sisters could understand why Prince Harry would want to write a memoir. She is convinced that she has the things she wants to share with the public, otherwise her family will be deaf.

Sources said Daily mail Princess Eugene and Beatrice are “much more sympathetic” to their cousin. He is convinced that his remarks may have been motivated by “clear words” because before that his voice and opinions were seldom heard within the Shazi family.