October 25, 2021

Princess Diana has an amazing relationship with the Netflix hit ‘Bridgeton’

Netflix’s Regency-era drama “Bridgeton,” which broke several records with its first season, has millions of viewers eagerly awaiting its second season to reunite with the legendary elite families of the early 19th century. ۔ Although most of the characters in Julia Quinn’s novel series are fictional, the show’s creator, Chris Van Dawson, was inspired by the home of a real elite family.

During a live tweet about “Bridgeton” in December last year, Van Dawson revealed that it was Princess Diana’s family home when she produced the hit drama. He wrote, “The entrance to Bridgeton House was inspired by my visit to Althorpe while I was preparing the show. Beauty. Greatness. And those #stairs.”

Althorpe House, the Spencer family’s ancestral home, is a 13,000-acre Grade I home in West Northamptonshire, England. Princess Diana, who spent her childhood days at Queen Elizabeth II’s Parkhouse in Sandringham Estate, moved into her family home at the age of 14. Althorpe Fields is now their final resting place. The heart of a small ornamental lake called The Round Oval in the state.

Diana’s younger brother Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer, who currently resides in Althorpe, saw a tweet about Van Dawson’s own property and replied, Those who went before me, what makes thAlthorpHouse is still today. “

“Bridgeton,” which was to show off several different beautiful homes, shot their scenes in Hampshire’s Somerley State and Wiltshire’s Wilton House. Somerley State is featured as the Country Home, while Walton House is featured as the seat of Simon, Duke of Hastings. The Ranger House in Greenwich, south-east London, was used for the exterior of Bridgeton House, while the Lancaster House, just a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace, the residence of Queen Elizabeth II, was located in the hallway of Queen Charlotte’s parlor. Used to film some internal shots. And bathroom.

The Soundhouse in London was also used to film the interior of the Duke of Hastings’ home, while the exterior of Castle Howard in York was shown as the seat of his house, Cleuden Castle.

Princess Diana.
November 12, 1990: Princess of Wales looks over her shoulder and smiles at the banquet of Japanese Emperor Akihito in Tokyo.
Kamima Maya / Reuters

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