September 18, 2021

Princess Charlene is recovering from a medical emergency when Prince Albert spoke of his return.

Monaco’s Princess Charlene, who is recovering from an ear, nose and throat infection in South Africa, collapsed in her cool game reserve home on Wednesday. She has returned home from hospital since a medical emergency, with the Monaco Royal Palace noting that her condition is “satisfactory”.

“On the night of September 1, her beloved Princess Charlene of Monaco was taken to hospital after falling ill with complications due to a serious ENT infection. Her medical team is watching her majesty closely.” “She is OK. the people. Magazine

According to a report in a South African shop. News 24The former Olympic swimmer was taken to Netcare Alberto Hospital, 150 miles north of Durban, after a “medical emergency”. She returned to the reserve where she was staying the next day, and was declared “stable” on Friday.

Her husband, Prince Albert II, said shortly after she was admitted to the royal hospital. the people. So he returned to Monaco sooner than expected. The king, who recently traveled to Charlene in South Africa with his two children, six-year-old twin Prince Jack and Princess Gabriella, said he was “ready to come home”, adding that the return date depended on Say it’s on the doctors. “

“I know he probably said ‘late October’, but that was before this recent round of appointments. I’m sure we can shorten that time frame a bit. He’s ready. Europe Ship to return, “added the 63-year-old.

Charlene has not been in the country since she left for a safe trip to her native South Africa in mid-March, during which time she contracted an ENT infection. The 43-year-old has undergone several “complex procedures” for the disease.

Prince Albert said of his recent reunion with his 10-year-old wife, “Of course she was happy to see us and spend time with the children.”

Princess Charlene.
Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II.

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