September 22, 2021

Princess Beatrice tells the story of her first child.

Princess Beatrice accidentally agreed to have her first child with her husband, Eduardo Maple Mozi, in October.

The couple announced back in May that they would become parents in the fall. Until then, no one knew exactly when the baby was coming. But in an interview this month, Shahi, 33, bluntly stated that her baby would be born in a month or two.

He shared this information during a discussion about dyslexia. Hello Magazine.Givana Fletcher, the guest editor for the school’s digital issue. The princess, who was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of seven, was asked about her thoughts on the coming school years.

Princess Eugenie, patron of the Helen Arkel Dyslexia Charity, is thinking about the challenges facing dyslexia. But he also thanked that tools are readily available to help anyone struggling with children or people with disabilities.