September 25, 2021

Prince William is worried that the ‘commotion’ over the Prince Andrew scandal will hurt the Queen.

The trial of Prince Andrew has caused new troubles for the British royal family and the king, with Prince William fearing that the scandal will have a personal impact on Queen Elizabeth II.

According to a report in MirrorThe Duke of Cambridge is resuming talks with his father, Prince Charles, about Prince Andrew and is causing a public outcry over his alleged involvement with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. William had previously been involved in crisis talks when his uncle was asked to step down in 2019, and he would play a key role again.

A source told the outlet that as far as the two future kings are concerned, the Duke of York, who has been accused of sexually abusing a minor, will never return to the “firm”.

“First of all, Charles and William are united. Andrew will never return to public life,” Andrew said. He added that William and Charles, as well as other members of the royal family, were “increasingly concerned about the effects of all this commotion on the Queen.”

The king’s second son, who is also reportedly his favorite child, was already under investigation for his relationship with Epstein and his girlfriend Gaslein Maxwell. However, he came under fresh scrutiny when Epstein’s accuser, Virginia Roberts Geffery, filed a lawsuit in New York on Monday, claiming that the British monarchy repeatedly forced him to have unwilling sex when he was 18. She was less than a year old.

Sources close to Prince Charles said. Times of London. Although Andrew has repeatedly denied the allegations against him, members of the royal family are concerned that this could result in “unwelcome damage to the institution of the monarchy.” Sources said Waris revealed that “long ago he concluded that this was probably an unresolved issue” and that this would probably help strengthen his resolve to make the “way back” clear to his brother. Not possible, because of the scene [accusation] The abomination raises its head regularly. “

The latest scandal comes as the family reunites in Scotland’s Queen Balmoral Estate for their annual summer vacation. Andrew was the first to arrive at the estate last week with his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, followed by his youngest daughter, Princess Eugenie. Charles has since arrived at the estate with his wife, Camilla.

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