September 22, 2021

Prince William began writing the project in memory of Brother Harry’s pen

On Monday, Prince Harry announced that he would publish his memoir next year through Penguin Random House. Now, his brother Prince William shared some news from his own book.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Duke of Cambridge is part of the writing team behind the book “Earth Shot: How to Save Our Planet”. He has been tasked with recording his special introduction. Others involved in the project include former National (WWF) World Wide Fund, executive director Colin Buttfield, and science writer and award-winning filmmaker Johnny Hughes (“David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planets”).

Meanwhile, Sir David Attenborough will write predictions with singer Shakira Maybarak, book author Christiana Figgiers (“The Future We Choose: A Stubborn Correctional Guide to the Climate Crisis”), and former astronaut Nako Yamazaki. Environmentalist and Hindu geographer Omar Ibrahim will also take part.