September 21, 2021

Prince William and Kate will probably not release a picture of Prince George’s birthday for this reason

Prince William and Kate Middleton can’t share a photo of their son Prince George on their birthday this weekend, breaking the tradition they have run for their last seven birthdays.

Prince George, the eldest son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and heir to the British throne, will turn eight on Thursday, July 22. On the occasion of his last birthday, his parents shared a shared photo with him, which was clicked by his mother. Mark the occasion, but a royal expert believes Cambridge is considering not releasing an official photo this time.

This is due to the insensitive comments about George’s appearance that have been circulating on social media in the last few weeks. Angelina Leone says on True Royalty TV “Royal Beat“There are rumors that we may not be able to see the picture [of Prince George] When he is eight years old, because he is making fun of a little boy at the age of seven because of the cruelty of the people and I hope he can overcome it. “

Meanwhile, a royal official said that Cambridge was slowly trying to introduce royal duties into the life of Prince George in order to prepare him for a life of public service as King of Britain. Roya Nikah claimed that the young Shahi’s appearance at the recent European Championships in Wemley was in fact her first film in royal engagements.

“It’s an official duty for Prince George at the age of seven. He’s very sweet and happy and has a lot of emotions. Get him used to the big crowd and know he’s being watched by millions of people – it’s That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

Prince George was surprised to be paired with his father in a mini suit and tie during England’s Euro 2020 game against Germany. The videos went viral after seven years of shamelessness as the stadium accompanied the players to the national anthem “God Save the Queen” in the name of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

He also played in the last Euro match where England lost 3-2 to Italy after a penalty. He was overjoyed when England scored, and looked upset when Italy won the penalty shootout.

Prince George celebrates his fourth birthday with an official portrait
Official portrait of Prince George’s fourth birthday

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