September 20, 2021

Prince William and Kate Middleton can send Prince George to boarding school

Prince William and Kate Middleton adopted a modern approach to the parents of their three children, but when it comes to their education, they are incapable of following traditional royal methods.

According to a new report Our weeklyThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are not opposed to the idea of ​​enrolling their eldest son, Prince George, in boarding school. The future king celebrated his eighth birthday last week, and middle school will begin in just a few years.

A source told the store, “Kate and William are open to sending George to boarding school in the future and they have already checked some, but they think the 8-year-old is too young and he’s a little I want to wait until I grow up. “

The insider also noted that the royal couple would take their son’s opinion into account when deciding whether to send him to boarding school. Sources say: “George is going to school, a decision Cambridge will make as a family. They will not force George to go unless he wants to and they do not feel it is right. ۔ “

However, the eldest Cambridge child is expected to agree, as he has heard stories from his parents about boarding school, which he finds “extremely entertaining”. The young royal had been studying at St. Thomas Beatrice School in London since 2017, where his sister Princess Charlotte, who was six years old, also enrolled two years later.

Although the idea of ​​going to school away from home is “deep”, he is “settled in St. Thomas Beatrice and has many friends.” George is “one of the most famous boys in the class,” the insider said. Meanwhile, Cambridge’s youngest son, Prince Louis, also started his preschool at Wilcox Nursery School in London in April this year.

George celebrated his birthday last Thursday, July 22, with a football cake and “lots of beautiful gifts”, including a nature set and a watch. Her younger siblings made her home cards, while her older grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, zoomed in to greet her.

The birthday came weeks after William and Kate broke the news told The young monarch sometimes spoke of his future as king of England around his seventh birthday. Robert Lucy claims this in his book The British of Brothers, noting that Cambridge withheld this knowledge from his son because he wanted him to have a “normal family upbringing”.

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September 7, 2017: Prince George arrives in London on the first day of his school days
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