October 17, 2021

Prince Philip’s royal memoirs will be released in the documentary as Andrew Blummeral escapes.

Meghan Markle’s engineering dress designer used the fashion house, which includes £ 1,500 weekly salon trips for a lavish life.

Tamara Ralph, 39, and her former business partner Michael Rousseau, 40, “improved themselves personally” before their company, Ralph & Rousseau, went bankrupt, according to documents released by the High Court.

The company’s management is suing Ralph for £ 20.8 million in damages, but he has denied any wrongdoing and is defending the claim.

Ralph & Russo designed 56,000 engagement dresses for the Duchess of Sussex, as well as gowns for stars, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Kylie Menog.

Company executives are now suing Ms Ralph after she told the High Court that she had “withdrawn large sums of money” while she was in “de facto control”.

In newly released legal documents, it is alleged that Ms Ralph spent more than 15 500,500 on “Weekly Blow Dries” at Larry King Hair Salon in South Kensington, London – and that the company’s credit card, mail Report on Sunday.

Court documents also claim that Ms Ralph spent more than company 300 on company luxury cash at a Paris store and £ 130 on an eyelash treatment.
It has also been claimed that Ms Ralph complained that her 22 225,000 salary was “too low” for anyone in her position.

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