September 22, 2021

Prince Harry’s memoirs can reveal royal issues before Meghan Markle.

Royal observers are already speculating as to what Prince Harry may have shared in his memoir, with some speculation that it may contain some explosive revelations about the British royal family. Omid Scooby believes that the Duke of Sussex will open up about issues that predate Magxet.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle resigned in March 2020. Since then, he has moved to his Montecito mansion in California with his two children, Archie and Libbit. He has also started his new non-profit organization, the Archwell Foundation, and has struck deals with Spotify and Netflix to produce original content.

Suffice it to say that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue to do good deeds according to their plans. They have also managed to achieve their desired privacy. However, he is surrounded by controversy, with the recent announcement of the memorandum calling for an attack on the royal family.